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A Complete Biography of Antoine Griezmann

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Antoine Griezmann is a professional French footballer who began his career playing in La Liga, for Real Sociedad. He transferred to Spanish club Atlético Madrid for 30 million Euro in 2014. He also plays for France national team as a forward. His impressive performance when he was in Sociedad has drawn interest of many elite Europe clubs including Manchester United and Arsenal. Moreover, he was said to be a football’s next star because of his speed and good vision in playing. Check out some facts and a complete biography of Antoine Griezmann below.

Complete Name:  Antoine Griezmann
Nationality: France
Birth: Macon, France / March 21st 1991
Height: 176 cm
Club: Atlético Madrid
Position: Forward
Number: 7
Griezmann started his youth career playing for EC Macon and UF Macon. In 2005, he moved to Spain to hone his skills by joining Real Sociedad football academy and was called up to play in Sociedad senior squad four years later. He kept improving his skills in every performance that he became a leading player who has earned 118 caps and scored 45 goals for the club.
In 2014, Griezmann transferred to Atlético Madrid and his career started to rocket. He was able to lead France National Team to the final of Euro 2016. Although France was defeated by Portugal at time, Griezmann was a nominee for the Best Player competing with Bale and Ronaldo.
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