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Biography of Agnes Monica, a Talented Singer From Indonesia

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Anges Monica is a well-known singer in Indonesia. Not only talented as a singer, she is also good at acting. Agnes started her career as a child singer with an energetic choreography in her performances. In 2011, she changed her stage name into Agnez Mo and started to go international by releasing her international hits, Coke Bottle. Agnez is also popular in social media as her twitter has become the most followed account in Indonesia. Here is a more complete information about Agnez Mo.

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Complete name   : Agnes Monica Muljoto
Stage name         : Agnez Mo
Born                    : Jakarta, Indonesia 1st of July 1986
Country               : Indonesia
Occupation          : Singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer
Genre                   : Pop, R&B

In 1992, Agnes Monica released her first album, Si Meong and followed by her second, Bala-Bala, three years later. She was also a presenter of several kids programs, one of which was Tralala-Trilili that was popular in 1990s. Having been successful as a child celebrity, she started to build her image as a teen actress. She gained her popularity after she played in a soap opera Pernikahan Dini.

Agnes released her first album as an adult singer entitled And the Story Goes in 2003. It was a very successful album and achieved 10 nominees in AMI Awards 2004. She then released her second album, Whaddup A.. , which consisted of big hits singles such as Bukan Milikmu Lagi and Tak Ada Logika. Her third album was released in 2009 entitled Sacredly Agnezious. Despite her being successful as a singer, Agnes also continued playing in many soap operas, such as Bunga Perawan, Ku T'lah Jatuh Cinta, Pink, Jelita and Kawin Massal.

In 2010, Agnes was chosen to be an international host in red carpet of American Music Awards. This was a bridge for her career to go international. Three years later, she released her first international album in which all of the songs are written in English. She introduced her new stage name, Agnez Mo, which was also the title of the album in the same year. In the hits single entitled Coke Bottle, Agnez collaborated with an American musician, Timbaland and T.I.

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Photo by : Deviantart

 Photo by : Deviantart