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Abduh Lestaluhu, an Indonesian Footballer kicking a ball to Thai bench

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Abduh Lestaluhu has gone viral after kicking a ball to Thai bench as a sign of protest in the 2nd leg of 2016 AFF Championship Final.  He considered what the Thai officials did by denying to give him the ball as an act of uncooperativeness and delaying time. Lestaluhu received a red card and had to be sent off for what he had done. Walking out of the field, he intentionally showed his middle finger to Thai fans. Despite the incident, Lestaluhu had played very well in the cup. 

Abduh Lestaluhu is an Indonesian footballer currently playing as a Full back and Winger for PS TNI as well as the National Team of Indonesia. He is also a second sergeant in the Indonesian Army Military Police Corps. Lestaluhu was born in Tulehu, Maluku, Indonesia on October 16, 1993. His father and uncles are all football players. 

Lestaluhu is well known for his speed and dribbling ability. No wonder if he often becomes the idol of the fans of football clubs he is playing for. He joined SAD (Sociedad Anonima Deportivo) which was trained in Uruguay. Coming back to Indonesia in 2011, he played for PERSIJA (Jakarta football club). There, he was trained in U-21 PERSIJA team. Because of his outstanding performance, he became a ‘yo-yo’ player, who played for both junior and senior teams of PERSIJA. In 2014, he officially moved to the senior team. However, he decided to quit PERSIJA a year later to join the Indonesian Army Military Police Corps. Since then, he has played and is still playing for PS TNI and Indonesian National Team.

Name: Muhammad Abduh Lestaluhu  
Date of Birth: October 16, 1993 
Place of Birth: Tulehu, Maluku, Indonesia
Nationality: Indonesian
Occupation(s): Footballer, sergeant
Position: Full Back, Winger
Number: 17
Current team: PS TNI
Height: 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)
Weight: 58 kg
  • 20102011 Deportivo Indonesia
  • 20132014 Persija Jakarta
  • 20112012 Persis Solo 
  • 2013  Persija Jakarta 
  • 2016  PS TNI 25
  • 20072008 Indonesia U17  
  • 2011  Indonesia U19  
  • 2015  Indonesia U23 
  • 2016  Indonesia

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