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The Biography and Facts about Andik Vermansyah

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Name: Andik Vermansyah

Date of Birth: November 23, 1991

Place of Birth: Jember, East Java, Indonesia

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Nationality: Indonesian

Father: Saman

Mother: Jumiah

  • Agus Dwi Cahyono 
  • Idriyati
  • Heri Purwanto

Occupation: Footballer

Height: 1.62 m

Weight: 57 kg

  1. 2005–2008  Persebaya Surabaya
  2. 2008–2014  Persebaya Surabaya
  3. 2014–now  Selangor FA
  4. National team:
    • 2012 Indonesia U-21
    • 2011–2013 Indonesia U-23
    • 2012– Indonesia

Position: Winger, Attacking midfielder

Some facts you need to know about Andik Vermansyah:

  1. Andik doesn't come from a wealthy family. He sold Popsicle around the village when he was a little boy to help his family earn money. Because of his hard-work pursuing his dream in football, however, he is now able to support his family. 
  2. He stopped studying in elementary school for a year because he was too busy practicing football. 
  3. He never wants his mom to attend his competitions because he is afraid that she will be worried watching him falling and getting tackled down. Instead, he has his mom watch him playing on TV. 
  4. He is known as Indonesian "Lionel Messi" because of his unique and super fast acceleration similar to Messi's.
  5. He is considered as one of the greatest football talents in Indonesia that has drawn attention from international clubs such as Benfica, Reggina in Portugal as well as Inter Milan.
  6. Due to his amazing performance in Malaysia, Andik has been offered to be Malaysian and played there for his whole life. High-class facilities have been provided for him, but he turned down the offer because of his nationalism. 
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